Sunday, October 29, 2006

Introduction + Purpose + Invitation

This is the start of a new Collaborative Blog on the topic of Tourism and Geography. The focus is on topics and commentaries that are primarily of interest to those who do research on the topic of tourism from a geographic perspective. The geographic perspective provdes a focus on topics that relate to (1) place development and experience, (2) the movement of people, ideas and things through geographic space, and (3) the relationship between the human and physical world. Since I consider most of tourism to be geographically based, this blog can potentially encompasses a broad range of interdisciplinary research topics and interests from across the social sciences, physical sciences and business fields of study. Anyone who has an interest in these topics can contribute to this blog by simply contacting me at


The Gardener said...

I find your Collaborative blog-concept very interesting!
You are completly right when you deal with geography focuses.
Human and physical approaches make definitly Geography the science of 21st century.
I look forward to reading your next articles.

Alan A. Lew said...

Thanks. Still trying to find some tourism academic bloggers to join the group. It may take awhile, but we will get this going at some point. - Alan

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