Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Urban Planning and Design Tools for Tourism

As a member of the American Planning Association, I get their monthly magazine, Planning. I came across a couple of lists in recent issues of Planning that I think has application to those of plan tourism at the community and place level.

What Makes a Great Neighborhood?
  1. Has a variety of functional attributes that contribute to a resident's day-to-day living (residential, commercial, or mixed uses).
  2. Accommodated multimodal transportation (pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers).
  3. Has design and architectural features that are visually interesting.
  4. Encourages human contact and social activities.
  5. Promots community involvement and maintains a secure environment.
  6. Promotes sustainability and responds to climatic demands.
  7. Has a memorable character.

    (Hinshaw, Mark. "Great Neighborhoods", Planning, Jan 2008: 6-11; list on p. 8)
Characteristics of a Great Street
  1. Provides orientation to its users and connects well to the larger pattern of ways.
  2. Balances the competing needs of the street -- driving, transit, walking, cycling, servicing, parking, drop-offs, etc.
  3. Fits the topography and capitalizes on natural features.
  4. Is lined with a variety of interesting activities and uses that create a varies streetscape.
  5. Has urban design or architectural features that are exemplary.
  6. Relates well it its bordering uses -- allows for continuous activity, doesn't displace pedestrians to provide access to bordering uses.
  7. Encourages human contact and social activities.
  8. Employs hardscape and/or landscape to great effect.
  9. Promotes safety of pedestrians and vehicles and promotes use over the 24-hour day.
  10. Promotes sustainability through minimizing runoff, reusing warer, ensuring groundwater quality, minimizing heat islands, and responding to climatic demands.
  11. Is well maintained and capable of being maintained without excessive costs.
  12. Has memorable character.

    (Knack, Ruth Eckdish. "Dan Burden's Sidewalk-Level Fiew of the World", Planning, Jan 2008: 14-17; list on p.16)
    Also: Tempe, Arizona's Mill Street was awarded one the 10 Great Street designations by the American Planning Association in 2008 - click here for the story.
Security Index for Public Spaces
  • Features Encouraging Use
  1. Signs announcing "public space"
  2. Public ownership of management
  3. Restroom availablity
  4. Diversity of seating types
  5. Various microclimates
  6. Lighting to encourage nighttime use
  7. Small-scale food vendors
  8. Art, cultural, or visual enhancement
  9. Entrance accessibility
  10. Orientation accessibility
  • Features Controlling Use
  1. Visible sets of rules posted
  2. Subjective or judgment rules posted
  3. In a business Improvement District (BID)
  4. Security cameras
  5. Secondary security personnel
  6. Design to imply appropriate use
  7. Presence of sponsor or advertisement
  8. Areas of restrictd or conditional use
  9. Constrained hours of operation

    (Ewing, Reid. "Security of public Spaces: New Measures Are Reliable, But Are They Valid?", Planning, July 2007: 55)


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KaySieverding said...

One problem with tourist towns is that a small group of people can control local government variances and other permits. Variances are typically only granted after undergoing a statutory review process against specified approval criteria. Although review criteria vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, three basic criteria are common to the vast majority of variance ordinances:
The variance is required due to specific site conditions (property configuration, topography, soil conditions, etc.), which causes unnecessary hardship to the landowner,[2]
Granting the variance will not result in a hazard to public health or safety, and,
Granting the variance will not result in a grant of special privilege to the property owner (in other words, any other property owner with similar site conditions could obtain a similar variance: this criterion is often addressed by citing precedent)
In June 2008, a long term resident named David Engle burned to death in a unit built in the form of a single car garage. The building had no occupancy permit but had been occupied for 20 years and changed ownership three times. It was painted turquoise and purple and was one block from the county building and the offices of the combined city county building department. It was not up to code. The local newspaper quoted the assessor as saying that there are many illegal buildings and enforcement of the regulations is lax. [7] In its meeting after Engle's death, former city council member Kathy Connell suggested a "freeze" on talking to the press so that staff does not 'paint targets on themselves['[8]
In 2000, after a lawsuit, a city council member said "I don't think we need greater stringency in the code. I think we need greater stringency in terms of having the conditions be met". A city planning employee said "We've already been instructed by the city attorney to take a much closer look at building permits." [9]
Current regulations limit the maximum height of buildings at the ski area base to 74 feet. The current city council president said that the council expected developers to propose taller buildings. The City is currently considering allowing some 100 feet tall buildings. [10]
At Clocktower Square, zoning statutes allow a 63 feet height. All 4 buildings proposed and most building components proposed were taller than the 63 feet height allowed by law and some were 126 feet. [11]
Planning allowed a 20 foot variance on a 50 foot waterfront setback requirement because a building was added to a 1941 detached garage. [12]
Senior City Planner Jonathan Spence said "“We’ve been pretty firm with all the developers on water body setbacks,” [13]
Kevin Bennett served on the City Council from 1993 to 2001. He was council president for the last seven years of his term. [14] In 2000, Bennetts' neighbor Kay Sieverding took him to court to get an injunction related to construction on a shed converting it to a free standing residence saying "They have removed the floor, cut holes for windows and doors, are expanding it south, and according to Wendie Schulenburg, are adding plumbing and cooking facilities as they turn it from a nonconforming garage into an illegal dwelling unit," and related to construction of another freestanding building "I do not object to the first floor of your garage, with the office reception area and bathroom. I do object to the second floor because it is over the allowed 10 percent of (your) basic primary structure, which is only about 2,160 square feet therefore you are only allowed 216 square feet." [15] Sandy Horner, an attorney representing the Bennetts, said his clients were prepared to show they have done everything required of them by the building department and the planning department. Horner cited the city's home rule charter which gives it "exclusive jurisdiction" over its own ordinances. Horner was able to persuade the judge there is a substantial difference between the city going to District Court to seek to defend and enforce its development code, and a private resident going to court in an attempt to enforce the code. [16]
Bennetts' year 2000 construction buildings are not on the Routt County tax assessor's list. The only building on Bennetts' property at Princeton Ave listed on the property tax rolls was built in 1950, is in 1970 condition, and has total building area including garage and basement of less than 2,400 square feet. [17] City Planning Director Wendie Schulenburg testified that the Bennetts' construction is in compliance with the code.[18] The City does not recognize cabins and garage apartments as buildings. [19]
Kevin Bennetts' wife Jane filed a criminal complaint against Kay Sieverding saying "She started jumping up and down and screaming in the scariest voice, 'Just because you are the wife of the City Council president doesn't mean you can break the law.' I was so scared." Mrs. Sieverding was criminally prosecuted for complaining about Bennetts' guest house and the second floor over the detached garage. [20] The Sieverdings sued the Bennetts and the City of Steamboat Springs in federal court. The magistrate recommended that the Sieverdings' motions for summary judgment be stricken from the case "because they do not conform to the rules for filing an objection to Schlatter's recommendation". [21] Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 56 states "If summary judgment is not rendered on the whole action, the court should, to the extent practicable, determine what material facts are not genuinely at issue. The court should so determine by examining the pleadings and evidence before it and by interrogating the attorneys. It should then issue an order specifying what facts — including items of damages or other relief — are not genuinely at issue. The facts so specified must be treated as established in the action." [22]The case was assigned to Judge Edward W. Nottingham. Nottingham recently resigned his federal judge position after allegations that he asked a prostitute to lie to investigators about their relationship. [23] [24]
In 2008, City Attorney Tony Lettunich asked the Steamboat Springs City Council to communicate with him using personal e-mail addresses. Council member Cari Hermacinski said "“We’re using our personal e-mails only when Tony Lettunich wants to send us something that’s attorney-client privilege,” [25] City council members have many times gathered at a bar. One city council member said that public business is discussed at the bar, but another city council member said that public business is never discussed at the bar. [26] Council member Cari Hermacinski currently owns Sieverdings' former property. [27] [28]
Anthony Lettunich, the city attorney, also has a private law practice advertising real estate law. [29]

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^ "Our view: Council should end Harwigs gatherings" Steamboat Pilot & Today 3/26/08

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